A full service freelance management system is an online platform that helps companies who manage freelance AV Labor automate the many manual administrative tasks related to onboarding, contracting, insurances and payments required when working with freelancers.

Yes, you can use Mertzcrew for your W-2 employees’ scheduling, tracking and reporting of hours. However, we do not provide any insurance or payroll services for employees.

Our customer success team is US-based and can be contacted anytime through the platform.

No. When a freelancer is newly invited to Mertzcrew by your company, they are not visible in the public database.

Mertzcrew provides industry-leading insurance protection with general liability and workers’ compensation coverage at or above US venue & arena requirements. Contact us for more details.

As the agent of record, our personalized contracting process stays current with ever-changing federal and local requirements to ensure the independent contractor relationship is properly established.

Clients can start using Mertzcrew immediately after they provide their system settings and labor resource information. From there, you’re 3 mouse clicks away from completing your first project.

Our standard terms are: Payment due from Net 25 from the project end, with freelancer payments processed within Net 30. Terms are negotiable based on credit approval and other requirements. Contact us to learn more.

There is no cost for freelancers to join or use Mertzcrew. Registration is completely online and once they are fully registered, freelancers have access to tools and resources to simplify the freelance process.